Saehyun Paik

· Based New York
  Abstract | Painting | Sculpture | Minimalism | Color Field

· Office – 1010 44th Ave. Suite 432. LIC, NY 11101


Artist Statement

 Saehyun Paik is New York based an abstract artist. Recently, she mostly working on minimalist.
 She has had several gallery and museum exhibitions. She is searching for all that the modern human experience lacks.

And she is currently interested in mixed media, two-dimensional work and art installation.
Having formed my communication style and she has always been curious about interaction between people.
 She had some difficulty adapting to social situations in my early years so I learned to create dialogues and rapports through art material themselves.  At this time, She exploring these ‘conversations’ by blending two or more media in each of my processes.



 Art work image partially on an article(UK) at called “Why your three-year-old couldn’t have made this” – Written by, Vincenza Napoli (Aug 31. 2017)

Published Illustration book on iBooks

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