Saehyun Paik

Based New York City
Fine Art | Painting | Abstract | Minimalism | Color Field | Hard-edge Painting | Post-painterly Abstraction

Artist Statement

 A lifelong city dweller, I have always longed for a night sky lit by constellations.
 I’m searching for all that the modern human experience lacks.

 I’m currently interested in mixed media, two-dimensional work and art installation.
Having formed my communication style as an only child, I’ve always been curious about interaction between people.
 I had some difficulty adapting to social situations in my early years so I learned to create dialogues and rapports through art material themselves.
 At this time, I’m exploring these ‘conversations’ by blending two or more media in each of my processes.
Sep 30. 2012 by, Saehyun Paik


“I was grow up in Seoul and moved to NYC few years ago.
Finally, I have been lived only cities. Most cities are can not see starry night and stars. 
When I thought want see the starry night and I just made this. Thus, ‘univers’ series is expresses my desire.”

 I was reading some books and lay down on my bed, lost in a daydream. I began thinking about how the human lifespan is only 100 years. There is an inestimable number of great books in the world. There’s no way that I’ll be able to read all can live for a really long time. although a turtle has a very limited memory. So, might that be the secret to their longevity? The live from moment to moment depending on instinct.
 Also, trees have no memory. Is it possible, though? Are trees incapable of thought? It can’t be. Still, trees don’t have brains. The longest a tree can live is 6000 years. Probably, they have a ‘soul’. Even cats live with humans for one year. They can understand communication and sense body language, reading to eye contact, Is channeling moisture in it’s trunk all it can do? Is it destined to stand immobile for an endless moment of silence? I think that trees want to commit suicide. If they have souls, their lives would seem really cursed and boring. If I were a Baobab tree living for 6000 years, I wouldn’t want to live anymore. I would say “Please kill me! Cut me down.” Screaming in a forest.
Sep 21. 2012 11:52am When on my bed. by, Saehyun Paik
 A common sensory characteristic of metal is coolness, and while graphite certainly fits this description, a visual and tactile change occurs when pencil meets paper. The cool, metallic quality of the material takes on a warmer tone, which is a central theme of my expression through this sculpture
Oct 14. 2017 by, Saehyun Paik

 Art work image partially on an article(UK) at called “Why your three-year-old couldn’t have made this” – Written by, Vincenza Napoli (Aug 31. 2017)

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